The waiting room of Dr. Gee

The phone call reached me during the advanced training series: The fractured tooth..

“Glossner, my incisor crown is gone and in a few hours I will hold my festival speech!”

A large round publisher anniversary was coming up and the world-renowned German publisher told me briefly:

“You’ll treat me immediately and then you will be seated among the other guests and may God have mercy on you… … your dental-medical career would be over immediately.”

Blood pressure, pulse and skin colour changed all of a sudden. The treatment was performed in the Ulmenstrasse and it’s up to the reader to imagine how it went…

While sitting in Frankfurt’s Schauspielhaus in the row behind the Federal Chancellor and the minister of inner affairs, I listened in to the festival speech with my eyes fixed on an incisor tooth which seemed to or was in danger of getting bigger and bigger. When the roaring applause started, it seemed to me like a gentle pearl which was simply aesthetic.